For medium and smaller sized firms with limited in-house marketing resource, we provide marketing consultancy services on an ongoing or project basis.

Services include:

  • strategic planning
  • marketing plans – preparation and implementation
  • business development  – planning and implementation
  • niche market campaigns
  • e-marketing campaigns
  • media planning
  • project management

Clients often use us as a marketing resource to help out at key stages in the year, such as marketing planning and budgeting, or to assist with a specific project.

Practical marketing support

The task might be to establish the best way to win new business in a specific practice area. We advise on the campaign and explain to the departmental team the rationale, procedure, their role and the results to be achieved. We also attend marketing meetings to monitor, assess, cajole and encourage.

Clients tell us they find this type of practical support makes all the difference, helping them to focus, maintain momentum and achieve a successful outcome.

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