brand & identity

click has a wealth of experience in creating and developing brands, working with solicitors’ firms and barristers’ chambers.

Whether you need a completely new brand, or you simply want to refresh an existing corporate identity, we can help.

Design expertise

Design expertise, creative flair and the ability to express brand values through typography, imagery and words – these are all a given. You wouldn’t expect anything less.

Project management

The design expertise required for rebranding law firms is much the same as that required for other sectors. However, the very nature of law firms means that exemplary design alone will not ensure a successful rebranding. Project management skills and the ability to work well with law firms to implement internal and external communications programmes are equally important.

We work effectively at partner level to help manage the process of briefing, design development, approval and implementation, liaising with management, marketing, team heads,  IT and HR to ensure the smooth introduction of the new brand and its integration into all aspects of the business.

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